Redmi Note 3 vs Redmi 3s Prime – Full Features & Specifications

Redmi 3s Prime is one of the best smartphone under 9000 rs in India and Redmi note 3 is the best smartphone under 10000 rs in India. Today we will talk about redmi note 3 vs redmi 3s prime.

Redmi Note 3 vs Redmi 3s Prime

redmi note 3 vs redmi 3s prime




redmi note 3 vs redmi 3s prime Lollipop v5.1 (Android) Marshmallow 6.0.1 (Android)
redmi note 3 vs redmi 3s primeBoth 3G & 4G with Wi-Fi Both 3G & 4G with Wi-Fi
redmi note 3 vs redmi 3s prime 1.4 GHz & 1.8 GHz hexa-core, Snapdragon 650 1.4 GHz octa core, Snapdragon 430
redmi note 3 vs redmi 3s prime Dual SIM Dual SIM
redmi note 3 vs redmi 3s prime 16 MP primary & 5 MP secondary 13 MP primary & 5 MP secondary
redmi note 3 vs redmi 3s prime 2 GB 3 GB
redmi note 3 vs redmi 3s prime 16 GB, support SDcard upto 256 GB 32 GB & support SDcard upto 256 GB
redmi note 3 vs redmi 3s prime Fixed 4000 mAh li Polymer Fixed 4100 mAh Lithium-ion
redmi note 3 vs redmi 3s prime IPS 5.5 inch Full HD 1080P Touch Display IPS 5 inch Full HD 720P Touch Display
redmi note 3 vs redmi 3s prime 9,999 & 11,999 Rupees 8,999 Rupees


Redmi Note 3 vs Redmi 3s Prime (Camera Comparison)

Redmi note 3 has 16 megapixels shooter at the back and Redmi 3s Prime has 13 megapixels shooter. Both phones has some common camera features like face and smile detection, Geo-tagging, touch focus,  HDR, phase detection autofocus and  panorama.

But the one difference is Redmi note 3 has dual LED flash and Redmi 3s prime has LED flash. Some other extra features which Redmi note 3 has but not in Redmi 3s Prime. If you see the image quality of both phones you don’t get much difference, just little and minor difference.

Redmi note 3 images are more warm and saturated and redmi note 3 capture more accurate colors then Redmi 3S prime so every body wants some thing in images so i will go with Redmi 3s prime. In the low light conditions Redmi note 3 produces slightly better pictures just little difference. In the poor lightning condition Redmi note 3 noise handling is more better.

Now talk about front camera, both have same 5 MP camera but i will go with Redmi 3s Prime because it has 2.2 aperture and redmi note 3 has 2 aperture. In the video section Redmi note 3 capture much better video than Redmi 3s prime.redmi note 3 vs redmi 3s prime

If you like vivrant images you should go for Redmi 3S Prime and if you want clear and original images you should go for Redmi Note 3.


Redmi Note 3 vs Redmi 3s Prime (Performance & Speed test)

If you use 3 GB RAM Redmi note 3 variant it will easily wins in speed test and performance. But we are testing 2 GB RAM variant here so lets check out.

Redmi note 3 has 16 GB inbuilt memory and 2 GB RAM but Redmi 3s Prime has 32 GB inbuilt memory and 3 GB RAM. Redmi 3s prime has faster fingerprint sensor than Redmi note 3 its just a micro seconds difference but redmi 3s prime is the winner.

Redmi note 3 running on android Lollipop 5.1 and Redmi 3s prime is running on android marshmallow 6.0.1. The Miui version of  Redmi 3s prime is also latest 7.5.8 where as Note 3 runs on Miui 7.1.

There is huge difference in CPU and GPU, the 3D mark speech and benchmark is double on the redmi note 3. Redmi note 3 will give you better gaming performance than Redmi 3s prime. When you open some apps both the phone performs good in speed, in some apps Redmi note 3 win and in some apps Redmi 3s prime wins.


Redmi 3S Prime Vs Redmi Note 3 (Battery Backup & Build Quality)redmi note 3 vs redmi 3s prime

Both the phone has same design and build quality, except form the placement of Notification LED, LED flash and  cameras. Both have metallic design with curved edges and fingerprint sensor on the back.

Both have same SIM card and buttons placement. Redmi Note 3 is bulky than 3S prime is pocket friendly phone. If we talk about display quality, Redmi note 3 is better it gives more features and Full HD display.

Redmi note 3 has 4000 mAh battery and Redmi 3s Prime has 4100 mAh battery and it will give you better battery life. 3S is 8.5 mm thick and Note 3 is 8.5 mm thick.


Final Wording

This article will show you the Xiaomi Redmi note 3 Specifications, Xiaomi Redmi note 3 features, Xiaomi Redmi 3s prime Specifications and Redmi 3s prime features.

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