How to get an iPhone if you forgot the passcode

You need not worry If you forget your iPhone passcode, you can quickly recover your smartphone by following these easy steps. When iPhone is disabled, connect to iTunes 1 appears on the screen when you enter the erroneous passcode six times in a row

Step Р1. Open iTunes on your computer or laptop, connect your device and activate
recovery mode. Press and hold the side button on an iPhone X or later, followed by
the volume down and up buttons. Release when the option to connect to a laptop appears.
using the side button.

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Step – 2. You can now update or restore your device on your laptop. When you select
“Restore,” iTunes will update your phone’s operating system. Data on your device
will be deleted as a result. After this step, you can restore your backup whether it is
kept on your computer or in iCloud.

Image Credit: Apple Support

Step – 3. Your smartphone will display the hello screen; proceed to set it up. If discover me
is enabled on your smartphone, be sure to have your iCloud password handy.

Image Credit: Apple Support

Step – 4. To restore your device, select the option to restore from iCloud or a computer
when the app is connected to data.

Image Credit: Apple Support

Step – 5. Log in with your Apple ID and password, and choose the backup that contains the
majority of your data, make a few settings, and your device will begin to restore.
Depending on the size of your backup, this process could take a few minutes, but
once it does, you’ll have access to your contacts and settings again

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