The best Macbook to buy in 2022

What Apple laptop will be the best in 2022?

The greatest MacBook may vary depending on the user, but in
2022, Apple’s laptop lineup has a terrific option for almost
everyone. A new era for Apple laptops began in 2020 with the
launch of its ARM-based M1 chip. The whole MacBook line has
seen significant performance and battery life improvements
thanks to Apple’s in-house SoC.

Regardless of your needs, Apple has you covered with the M1
Pro, M1 Max, and M2. If you’re interested in any of the other
Apple laptops, keep an eye out for the greatest Amazon Prime
Day MacBook bargains. These offers will likely represent the
lowest pricing we’ll see until Black Friday this fall for the M2
MacBook Air and Pro.
If you require consistent, high-level performance, the 13-inch
MacBook Pro M2 with two Thunderbolt 4 ports might be the best
option. The MacBook Pro features a conventional cooling system,
allowing users to run taxing programs for hours without worrying
about overheating, in contrast to the MacBook Air’s lack of a fan. The

majority of people will be satisfied with the Air, but power users may
want to upgrade to the Pro.

  1. MacBook Air (M1, Late 2020)
Image Credit: Laptop Mag (Apple)

The ideal MacBook for the majority of users is still the MacBook Air
M1. How does the MacBook Air M2 compare? The laptop we’ll
discuss next is wonderful, but most consumers won’t need the
changes, so the M1 model will continue to have a starting price
of around $1,000 and will frequently be on sale for $900 or less.
In our testing, the battery life was 14 hours and 41 minutes,
outperforming every thin and light Windows notebook of the same
price point in terms of performance. The MacBook Air M1 will outlast
its successor on a single charge and is more than up to the challenge
for any common computer chores.

2. MacBook Air (M2, 2022)

Image Credit: Tom’s Guide (Apple)

There’s no disputing the appeal of the new design and processor
within the MacBook Air M2, even though the majority will likely be
content with the MacBook Air M1. Although I don’t like the notch in

the panel, the other upgrades are excellent, especially the addition
of MagSafe charging, which frees up the two Thunderbolt 4 ports for
additional uses.
Additionally, you receive a good performance boost, and it still
outlasted the Windows competitors in our battery life test by 14
hours and 6 minutes when performance is taken into account. It is
still amazing that it accomplishes all of this while remaining cool and
whisper-quiet without fans.
Along with the new 1080p webcam, other improvements include a
brighter display, a quad speaker setup, and more. That first feature
will be especially appreciated by anyone who uses the Air M2 on the
fly and may encounter less-than-ideal lighting circumstances.

3. MacBook Pro (13-inch, M2, 2022)

Image Credit: Apple

The internal improvement to the MacBook Pro M2 provides it with a more
significant performance gain than many anticipated, keeping it far
ahead of the Windows 11 competition at this price point and above.
It may not have the fancy redesign of the new MacBook Air, but it
does receive the inside upgrade.
The Pro’s battery life on our battery test, which replicates real-world
use, was an almost astounding 18 hours and 20 minutes, despite

packing so much power into such a thin and stylish chassis. It topped
our list of laptops with the longest battery life because of this.
The M2 does more than just increase endurance and speed. The
webcam (unfortunately still 720p) is better than previously thanks to
an enhanced image processing unit, and as it is powered by Apple’s
ARM-based architecture, iPad and iPhone apps are also available for
Mac. Yes, you can use your laptop to run all of your favorite iOS
games and applications.

4. MacBook Pro (14-inch, 2021)

Image Credit: Amazon (Apple)

The MacBook Pro 14 is a tempting product that MacBook lovers have
been waiting years for, especially consumers and content creators. It
blends a little bit of the old with a lot of the new. Gamers? For now,
you might want to continue with Windows.
A complete HDMI and an SDXC card reader have plenty of area in the
lightweight, stylish notebook’s design. And the M1 Pro processor
adds even more power, easily defeating some of Intel and AMD’s top
competitors. Additionally, it boasts a battery life of over 14 hours, a
powerful quick charge, a stunning display, an incredibly ergonomic
keyboard, and a top-notch audio system.

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