How to Easily Fix the iPhone White Screen Issue

The iPhone white screen issue is faced by users, often even with the latest models of the device.
and fears that the user will lose all of their data because even iTunes won’t recognize a stuck device.
however, we can easily assist you in fixing this problem despite the white screen. what’s best is you can
You can use these techniques to solve the same problem on your iPad as well.

Solution # 1: Verify that screen magnification is activated.

Your very first option is to check the screen magnification. This technique, meanwhile, is
only effective in a few situations.
With the use of this capability, users can further zoom the screen. Additionally, it’s possible
that you have the screen super-zoomed and it has frozen on something white, giving you
the incorrect impression that the screen is dead.
So, to correct it, combine your three fingers and double-tap the screen using those three
fingers. In the event it is amplified, the screen will return to normal. If you want to, you may
now disable the feature. Zoom should be turned off in the settings menu under general >
accessibility > zoom.

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Solution 2: Reset your iPhone hard

The iPhone’s white screen may be fixed with a hard reset. Before undertaking any further
intrusive operations, give it a try. Now, perform the action listed below.
Press and quickly release the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons on your iPhone
8/X/11/12/13. Finally, hold down the Side button until the Apple logo appears.
For the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus:
In the same motion, press the Side and Volume Down buttons. Hold on to the phone or
tablet until the Apple logo appears.
For an iPhone 6 or an earlier model, simultaneously press the Side and Home buttons. When
you see the Apple logo, release them.

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Solution 3: Use iTunes to restore an iPhone in recovery mode or DFU mode (Data Loss)

When your iPhone is frozen on the “white screen of death,” you can also get aid by doing a
device restore. However, your iPhone will lose all of its data. Think it over carefully before
attempting this. On your PC, make sure iTunes is running in the most recent version. Get
iTunes downloaded first if it hasn’t been updated. Now, adhere to the instructions below.
Launch iTunes and connect your iPhone to the computer using a USB cord.
Now that your iPhone is frozen in a white screen of death, put it into recovery mode or DFU
mode because iTunes won’t recognize it. Before attempting the DFU Mode, try the Recovery
Choose Restore from the two buttons on the pop-up box after placing your device in
recovery mode, and then wait for the process to be finished.

iPhone restoration with iTunes
iTunes will recognize your iPhone in Recovery Mode if you set your device into DFU Mode.
When prompted to restore your iPhone, select Restore iPhone by clicking OK.

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Solution 4: Holding three buttons jointly

Please be aware that this technique only functions with iPhones that have a home button.
To achieve that, simultaneously push the power, home, and up-volume switches. Hold them
for a brief period of time, or until the Apple logo appears on the screen. Your iPhone will
restart itself when the logo appears, at which point it will resume normal operation.

If none of the solutions works you should check in with apple service Centre or try the third party
apps, the former being the more reliable option

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