How to Recover Lost Data After iOS Update

Do you still recall the pictures your grandmother showed you in an album that was beautifully preserved?
When you were looking through your parents’ old belongings, you came across a vintage-looking journal.
We won’t have such legacies to pass because we have all our data from pics to journal notes to
Due to careless mistakes or technical difficulties, we frequently lose the official documents we carry around in our pockets.
In moments of despair and regret about why didn’t I take a backup, but backups cant be made.
daily, so we are here to help you and alleviate the distress of the recent loss of data.
Choose one of the following three alternatives to help yourselves:

Option 1:After an iOS update, recover lost data from your iPhone.

Step 1: Launch the program
Run the application. On the main screen, choose the “Recover from iOS Device” mode. Next,
establish a reliable USB cable connection between your iPhone and computer.
Step 2: Search the iPhone for misplaced items
To deep scan, your iPhone for lost content, use the Start Scan button.
You will get a screen with the contents listed on the left once the scanning procedure is
Step 3: Select the information you want to recover.
You can select a certain category on the left to receive a preview of all the items on the right
Select the files you want to recover next. For instance, to recover deleted photos from an
iPhone just selects the “Camera Roll” category and selects each photo individually.
Other types of data, such as contacts, messages, call logs, reminders, etc., can be used in a
similar way
Step 4: Save the content you’ve chosen to the PC.
At the bottom right, select the Recover button. This will open a dialogue box where you can
choose where to save the restored data.
To begin retrieving the iPhone’s deleted content, tap the Recover button once more after that.
Save the recovered files to the desired folder on your computer.

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Option 2: After an iOS update, restore lost data from an iTunes backup

You still stand a good chance of recovering all of your lost data from your iPhone following
an iOS update if you have previously regularly backed up your device using iTunes on your
PC. This is how to accomplish it.
Step 1: Choose a computer’s iTunes backup file.
The primary interface will search for any iTunes backup files you’ve created on this computer
and load them onto the interface when you select the “Recover from iTunes Backup File”
To discover them if you’ve changed the backup files’ default location, click the Select button
below the chart.
Step 2: Pick an iTunes backup to inspect
Choose the iTunes backup you want to use to recover your lost items from the list, and then
Click the Start Scan option.
This iPhone data recovery tool will now thoroughly search every file in the chosen backup.
Once it is finished, you will be taken to an overview window with categories on the left
sidebar for all files discovered, including images, contacts, text messages, and more.
Step 3: Choose deleted files and retrieve them.
This iPhone data recovery app has a great feature that lets you select which exact files from
the backup you’d like to remove.

Check the boxes next to the data file(s) you wish to recover from the list, then click the
Recover button in the lower-right corner of the interface. The dialogue box that appears will
allow you to designate a local directory for the output files.
The final step is to press the Recover button once more to start the recovery process. All of
the deleted files you’ve chosen will be recovered and stored on the computer by the

Option 3: After an iOS update, restore lost data files from an iCloud backup

First, access your iCloud account.
After selecting “Recover from iCloud Backup File” mode, the following login window will
appear. Sign in to iCloud using your account information to grant the software access to all
iCloud backup files. Start downloading the iCloud backup file in step two.
After logging in, the software will automatically identify all backups associated with this
iCloud account. Select the most pertinent backup and click the Download button from this
A dialogue box asking you which data files you want to download from the backup then
appears at this point. Either choose each category individually or select all the data by
selecting the “Select All” option in the lower left corner. Next, click the Next button.
Your chosen files will begin to download through the software. Depending on how much data
you’ve backed up and how big these files are, this could take some time. 
Pick the destroyed iPhone files you want to restore to your PC.
Once downloaded, the interface allows you to preview everything that was found.
Then, by clicking the category and checking the items it contains, chooses which data files
you wish to recover.
Next, select the location for the lost data in the pop-up box by clicking on the Recover button
in the lower right corner.
The recovery process will then begin when you press the Recover button once more.
You can see the files on the computer and, if necessary, transfer them back to your device
after the data recovery process is complete.
And you’re all done.

Image Credit: Stellar

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