How to fix iPhone battery life problems

The meme of iPhone users carrying their chargers 24/7 has been an out-of-date meme, but the problem is
is still as good as anything and is one of the major drawbacks of the expensive handset, for it’s
It is exhausting having to sit beside the socket or being unable to use the device for long periods. If you
too are facing the battery drainage issue in your sleek device, you might want to look at this

If you’ve made a recent update it might just be taking time to run in smoothly give it a day
or two, if not carry on here, a quick solution might be turning on the low power mode until
you get to a charger but that’s no solution. To get to a real solution try.

1. Try Checking Battery settings

Go to the Battery area in Settings as soon as possible to
determine why your battery is depleting so quickly. You’ll get battery statistics from this,
including information on which apps use the most juice. These statistics only cover the
preceding 24 hours, but if you want a more comprehensive picture, you can also receive
that data for the prior 10 days.

You can postpone using certain apps until you can get a charger by identifying which ones
are draining the battery. Alternatively, you might think about deleting them if they drain
your battery too much because they might be faulty.

2. Switch to the Dark Mode

Although it’s not a miraculous solution, try to use Dark Mode as
often as you can to improve battery life. You may activate the iPhone’s Dark Mode by
navigating to Settings->Display & Brightness. Automatic or a permanent Dark Mode are also
options. When the phone detects that the time has passed, it automatically turns to Dark

3. The 80/20 Rule

The 80/20 rule states that you should avoid charging a battery above 80%
and letting it discharge below 20% to extend its lifespan. Unavoidably, there will be
instances when the battery will fully discharge. Additionally, even if you charge it to 100%,
you shouldn’t panic. However, you can only fully charge and entirely discharge the battery a
specific number of times before the battery starts to degrade.
With its Optimized Battery Charging function, Apple has addressed this issue. By heading to
Settings->Battery->Battery Health, you may turn it on. It learns from your usual charging
practice to stop charging after 80%, as it states on the screen.

4. Be Updated

It’s conceivable that a flaw in the most recent iOS version is the cause of
your battery draining faster than usual. Another possibility is that one of your installed
programs has a bug. Therefore, install any iOS updates that are available by going to
Settings->General->Software Update.
After that, visit the App Store, tap your avatar in the upper right corner, scroll down, and
install any app updates that are accessible.

5. Battery Health

Even with all of these suggestions, your battery life may still be suffering.
At this point, you need to give the idea that the battery might be dying significant thought.

By heading to Settings->Battery->Battery Health and glancing at the Maximum Capacity, you
may immediately determine its condition. The battery can only be charged up to this level.
After two years, you should typically be looking at 80%, which is normal. But as soon as it
approaches 50%, you need to start thinking about how your gadget will function in the

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