How to Fix iPhone Camera Roll Crash and Recover Lost Photos

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What I hate the most about the device is the camera roll crash. Like the Joey in me screams, “Why
lord, Why? I know you feel the same way. One of the most frequent issues experienced by
iPhone users are a camera roll crash. You might not be able to access the images or videos in
your iPhone’s camera roll unintentionally or because of a technical issue. Normally, you
You tend to keep thousands of images and videos in your iPhone Camera Roll without even
I am thinking about the possibility of an unexpected photo loss event. Additionally, if you haven’t
If you use the iCloud or iTunes backup feature, you run the risk of losing all of your images and videos.
The only way to fix a camera roll crash is to reset your iPhone to factory settings. Your
Camera Roll will function as new following factory resets and be prepared to save new
pictures and movies.
However, because a factory reset wipes out all of your iPhone data (including contacts,
It is advised to back up all of your iPhone data first (including messages, photos, videos, and notes).
Before returning the iPhone to its default settings,
Sync your iPhone with iTunes and iCloud.
You still have access to your photographs and videos because only the Camera Roll failed, so
you can try to restore them by turning on iCloud or iTunes backup. This will preserve all of
the images from the damaged camera roll. Through iCloud, iTunes, or some third-party app.
The data can be restored later.
To restore photographs from an iTunes and iCloud backup.
Log in to iCloud or iTunes backup using an iOS device that has your Apple ID. Choose the
required Camera Roll images and videos from the list of available backups in iCloud/iTunes,
then save them to the new device.
Utilize iPhone data recovery software from a third party.
With the aid of iPhone data recovery software by Stellar, you can easily recover your
photographs and videos if you run into problems or are unable to retrieve your data from
iCloud or iTunes.
After a camera roll crash, recover iPhone pictures and videos using Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone.

Step 1: Choose the Recover from iPhone option from the main menu. The program will evaluate the chosen gadget, it shows the software’s main interface for examining the iPhone.

Step 2: Following a successful analysis, the app searches for your iPhone’s contents and displays them on the left pane, it shows how an iPhone scans a page.
Step 3: Click Camera Roll on the left pane to see all of the images and videos there. By clicking on files, you can also see a preview of the images or videos, it shows a list of all the data in your Camera Roll.
Step 4: Decide whatever videos or photographs you want to recover. Select “Save” to save
the recovered items.

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