VoLTE vs LTE | Difference Between VoLTE & LTE

VoLTE vs LTE: As the telecommunication technology is  evolving everyday, all telecommunication companies  are competing with each other. This article will show you difference of VoLTE vs LTE & VoLTE over LTE.

To improve the radio waves technology to an extent so they can widespread themselves as a top company like Airtel and Idea are on the top to create high speed 4G network.

They are successfully implemented 4G networks in many parts of India. Other companies are also emerging  behind and providing several projects to their partners to implement as soon as possible.

4G Network was first introduced in 2014 and has created an environment around the world so everybody is getting depend on it. Here in this topic we are going to introduce you with LTE vs VoLTE, the updated networks of todays world.

volte vs lte

To use these two network you need to understand how these two works and which one is comfortable and easy to use. So lets go through it

VoLTE and 4G LTE are todays network, customers are using to get precise network coverage for good voice call connection and high speed data usage.  In last two years 4G network has come up dominating all the old network streams and have many benefits which are necessary to keep the high speed going world in right hands.

In this 4G network stream also there are two ways to go with high speed and updated high speed, i.e. LTE vs VoLTE. But there is no such big difference,  it is voice over LTE as its name represents a slight difference it has.


Main Difference Between VolTE and LTE-VoLTE vs LTE

LTE Full form is long term evolution and VoLTE full form is Voice over LTE (4G). LTE is just a normal 4G network, if you consume data it will work on 4G network but if you do any call it will work on 2G or 3G network but in VoLTE any of the call, data usage or any video call works on 4G network.

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LTE vs VoLTE: 4G Long Term Evolution network has already launched in many parts of India but many companies are lagging to cover and still working to cover their all towers with 4G network in metropolitan cities and the day is not so far that everybody will be connecting through 4G network with high speed calling and data connection.

LTE network provides user high speed data, improved voice quality and precise network coverage. It was introduced with Samsung mobile phones and spread all other devices later.

The technology using radiowaves by  LTE come up with a revolution in mobile telecommunication provides 300 mbps downlink and 75 mbps uplink speed fading  old radiowaves technology and provide customers comfortable high speed browsing, uploading and downloading features.


Voice calling using LTE

VoLTE vs LTE: It provides packet switching which improves network efficiency and rough network uses. To support LTE technology your mobile phone should have a slot for 4G LTE and a 4G simcard of any available network, so it can enable you to catch the 4G network radiated around you.

3G and 2G network supports circuit switching which is 7 times slower as compared to LTE. Voice calling in 3G and 2G networks takes minimum 7 sec to make a call while LTE takes 2 Sec to make a voice call on any network and better connectivity during your call. The problem of call drop is very rare and  also provides improved call tone quality.

volte vs lte

Data usage

LTE vs VoLTE: It provides high speed data upto 150 mbps speed and its goal is to improve capacity and wireless transmission.

As today every single person is connected through internet, so the internet speed is very much demanding and LTE is covering that demand.

It generates high speed data packets on IP address and due to packet transmission it is able to providing high speed internet.



VoLTE over LTE: VoLTE (Voice over LTE ) is an updated version of LTE and launched in 2014 with Samsung S series mobile phones.

When it got popular due to its voice and video call quality  and high speed data features, expanded to Chinese mobile phones to iPhone 6s.

Now a days most of the mobile companies have come up with VoLTE technology and customer demand is also increasing in India from last 5-6 months after the launch of Reliance Jio.  Every body giver more credit to VoLTE over LTE.

VoLTE provides high speed voice calling which supports faster calling in 2G and 3G networks, If we compares VoLTE vs LTE, VoLTE is 1 sec faster than LTE and provides high speed video calling at high resolution and speed. Mobile phones are coming with VoLTE support are much efficient than normal 4G LTE phones.

After launching Reliance Jio in India VoLTE smartphones has come up in demand, otherwisewith normal LTE mobile phone to make sim enable you need to download Jio app to make it work in ordinary 4G phones.


Voice call

VoLTE vs LTE: Improved call quality and tone with rough network the VoLTE provides good coverage of network in low network areas also.

Many companies need to update their wireless technology to support Jio calling which is not compatible with some networks like vodafone and Idea.

VoLTE technology also enables you to switch from voice calling to instant video calling by just touching on screen. It divides the voice call into packets and transfer to another network via data and instead of call balance it uses data balance.

The trend of video calling and video conferencing is going high and require stabilize data connection to make it happen.


Data usage

Data usage through VoLTE provides efficient and high speed as provided by LTE mobiles but only difference is, it enables high quality video calling at better rate.

To make some phones to work on VoLTE needs to download some additional softwares and apps.

Like Reliance Jio sim is totally works on VoLTE technology as it make calls through LTE network and offers cheap cost for calling and browsing due to voice over LTE support.

It also improves battery efficiency. In India only one network, Reliance Jio is working with VoLTE and all other are still working on normal 4G.


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